Why MFC materials?

MFC construction floor systems were developed for wide range of use. The systems are designated for levelling layers as well as for final and decorative surfaces of new and existing floors be it public housing or industrial construction.

A word from the business manager

"We are a purely Czech family company with a 30-year history. We are among the leading manufacturers of building cement materials. Our main criterion is the high quality and building long-term relationships with our partners.
A comprehensive system range of our products provides customers with comprehensive and efficient solutions, both in new buildings and renovations.
We see our significant competitive advantage in our own modern laboratory, where we have been researching and developing for a long time. We are able to respond quickly to the latest trends and needs of the construction market.
I firmly believe that the path of a professional approach to addressing the individual needs of our customers will continue to contribute to building our credibility and satisfaction with our business partners.“

Business Manager Ing. Jakub Fiala