Painting materials are used for final topping areas of industrial floors as a final surface treatment (new and old), in particular concrete areas with a high mechanical stress (e.g. production halls, garages, warehouses, supermarkets).

MFC Ekopox 640

    • Components: 2
    • Adhesion to the base: 1,5 MPa
    • Processing time: 90 min.
    • Oil, diesel and petrol resistance: min. 24h
    • Anti-skid properties: satisfactory
    • Mtrl.consumption for one layer : 0,2 Kg/m2 
    • Recommended layers: 2
    • Packaging: plast. 4,6 Kg and 23 Kg

MFC Ekopox 640 (epoxy coating) - is used as final concrete surface treatmen e.g. garages, storage facilities, supermarkets, stairways, basements etc. It is suitable as final surface treatment for MFC Level 300 a Final 400 self-levelling screeds and as a treatment of uninsulated foundations.

MFC Ekopox 670

    • Components:
    • Adhesion to the base: min. 2.5 MPa
    • Packaging: 4,6 Kg

MFC Ekopox 670 is used mainly for repair of joints and cracks in concrete and self-levelling materials. It also can be used to be poured onto steel clips and to refurbish unconsolidated surfaces and filling of cavities. When mixed with silicon sand, MFC creates resin mortar suitable for refurbishment of local pot holes, bonding of holes/apertures and joints etc.