Penetration materials are designed for closing and hardening base of concrete, wood, ceramics, etc., or as a connecting bridge between the individual coating layers. They prevent leakage of water from the applied material into the substrate.

MFC Primer 620

    • Based on: Acrylic dispersion
    • Volume density: 1,02Kg/L
    • Mtrl.consumption: 0,15-0,25 L/m2
    • Recommended layers: 2 - 3
    • Packaging: plast. 1,3,5,10,20 and 25 L

MFC Primer 620 (acrylic dispersion) - is suitable for sealing and strenghtening of layers produced from concrete, wood, ceramics etc. and/or bondage between single levelling layers made of MFC (MFC Sanfix 200, MFC Level 300, MFC Final 400). Stops water draining from applied material into foundation.

MFC Ekopox 660

    • Based on: water dispersion fo epoxy resin
    • Components: 2
    • Mtrl.consumption for one layer: 0,05 - 0,075 Kg/m2
    • Recommended layers: 1 - 2
    • Packaging: plast. 4,6 Kg and 23 Kg

MFC Ekopox 660 (water dispersion of epoxy resin) - it is used to seal and strenghten base made of concrete, wood, ceramics etc. It is used as an adhesive link to keep newly installed layers to the base, when higher requirements for adhesion of installed layers are in question. It can be used to seal damp foundation. 

MFC Ekopox 661

    • Based on: solvent-free epoxy resins
    • Components: 2
    • Mtrl.consumption for one layer: 0,3 - 0,7 Kg/m2
    • Recommended layers: 1 - 2
    • Packaging: plast. 6 Kg and 18 Kg

MFC Ekopox 661 (solvent-free system based on epoxy resin) - It is used as penetration resin for cement, concrete and self-levelling foundations with coating and/or screed possibility.