MFC "wet to dry" (self-levelling screeds)

  • High productivity
  • High rolling resistance
  • Color options
  • The surface is walkable after 3 hours, mobile after 24 hours

At present, one of the most progressive methods of surface treatment of concrete floors is the application of a layer of 4-15 mm high quality self-levelling screed to the surface of a mature, statically and dynamically stable concrete slab. The result is a colour-uniform surface with a high level of flatness and resistance to rolling loads. The system is very suitable both for new buildings and for the reconstruction of already inadequate floor areas.

System benefits:

  • Productivity (cca 1000 m2 floor areas per day)
  • High rolling resistance (RWA, BCA method)
  • Color coherence
  • Color options
  • Surface without capillary cracks
  • No need for dilation
  • High level of flatness ± 1mm/2m of lath
  • Wear layer in 3 hrs., fully operational at 7 days
  • Long lifetime - min. 10 years

Materials used

Penetration: acrylic dispersion or epoxy resin based product. It is designed to seal and strengthen concrete, wood, ceramics, etc., or as a bridge between individual MFC levelling layers. They prevent leakage of water from the applied material into the substrate.

Self-levelling industrial screeds: is a self-levelling screed compound based on cement, filler, and special additives. It is supplied as a pre-mixed dry mixture that is mixed with water in the building. It is designed for industrial floors for both new and old concrete as a finishing finish. Individual products differ mainly in the type of abrasion resistant aggregate (silicon, corundum, corundum/carbide, carbide).

Impregnation: a preparation based on water-soluble epoxide, acrylate, or polyurethane. On the surface, it creates a thin, highly tough film that reduces natural water absorption, strengthens the surface and simplifies maintenance and surface cleaning. Resistant to water and detergent solutions.

Materials used:
Improvement of the substrate MFC Sanfix 230
MFC Final 420
Penetration of the substrate MFC Primer 620 MFC Ekopox 660 MFC Ekopox 661    
Self-levelling industrial screed MFC Final 410 MFC Final 411 MFC Final 412 MFC Final 413 MFC Final 430
Impregnations and coatings MFC Ekopox 630 MFC Ekopox 640 MC DUR 2095 M MFC Stoplak 610  

MFC compositions for industrial floor renovation