MFC System of self-levelling thin-layer screeds

  • Productivity
  • Resistance
  • Lifetime

The MFC Level 300 product series is currently a progressive method of levelling surfaces. This especially applies to the levelling of concrete, anhydrite, wooden, and other floors or paving. It is applied in layers from 1 mm up to 5 cm in one working stage of high-quality self-levelling screed. The result is a surface with excellent flatness and resistance. The system is used both for new buildings and for the refurbishment of no longer satisfactory floor surfaces. The wide range of the MFC Level 300 product series has a solution for levelling every base in civic and industrial construction as the base for the final surface finish. (e.g. paving, epoxy and polyurethane screeds, carpets, parquet, PVC, etc.)

Penetration: acrylic dispersion or epoxy resin based product. It is designed to seal and strengthen concrete, wood, ceramics, etc., or as a bridge between individual MFC levelling layers. They prevent leakage of water from the applied material into the substrate.

Self-levelling industrial screeds: is a self-levelling screed compound based on cement, filler and special additives. It is supplied as a pre-mixed dry mixture that is mixed with water in the building. It is designed for industrial floors for both new and old concrete as a finishing finish. Individual products differ mainly in the type of abrasion resistant aggregate (silicon, corundum, corundum / carbide, carbide).

More information about choosing a self-levelling screeds and their spreadsheet comparison can be found here.

Impregnation: liquid preparation based on water-soluble epoxide, acrylate or polyurethane. On the surface it creates a thin, highly tough film that reduces natural water absorption, strengthens the surface and simplifies maintenance and surface cleaning. Resistant to water and detergent solutions.

System benefits:

  • Productivity (ca 1,000 m2 floor areas per day)
  • High rolling resistance (RWA method)
  • Colour coherence
  • Colour options
  • Surface without capillary cracks
  • No need for dilation
  • High level of flatness ± 1 mm/2 m of lath
  • Wear layer in 3 hrs., fully operational in 7 days
  • Long lifetime - min. 10 years