MFC Porocem 010

MFC Porocem 010

    • Volume density: 300–800 kg/m3
    • Layer thickness: 40–200 mm
    • Suitable as a substitute of standard plate insulations
    • Delivery by mobile setBremat

MFC Porocem 010 is poured cement foam suitable for levelling (base) and insulation layers for floors mainly in civic, residential and industrial buildings.

It creates optimal foundation for poured anhydrite and cement coating.

Poured concrete foam used for levelling (foundation) and insulating floor layers especiall at residential, civic and industrial buildings. It creates optomal base under poured anhydrite and cement coating.

We deliver with Transmix/Bremat most up-to-date equipment

TransMix/Bremat mixing and mobile set is mainly for production of liquid coating at the construction site. It i equipped with material storage tanks, mixing set and helical pump. The fresh coatin is transported via mentioned equipment directly to intended location.

Main advantages:

  • fully automated production with exact batch processing takes care of steady coating quality
  • TransMix stays at the site for the time really needed to install coating
  • coating production and transportation is continuous, there is neither worker nor machine idle time
  • the quantity needed for particular surface is produced only - minimalization of additional cost
  • immediate consumption supervision on the spot 
  • minimal requirements to the construction site equipment



Quantity is no challenge to us...

At the meantime we already haveseven fully equipped sets on hand, with daily output reaching more than 210 m?!